September 2012

Cardinals will host the Eagles this Sunday

Arizona will host the Philadelphia Eagles in a surprising battle of 2-0 teams this Sunday at 4:05 p.m. on FOX. Most people would say Arizona would never be 2-0 if you asked them at the beginning of the year. They have had significant questions on offense including those at QB and RB both. They have also got little help from their receivers, which include Fitzgerald. Philadelphia is also a lucky 2-0 team that has won two games by a combined two points.

Patriots present tough task for Cardinals

The Cardinals will host the New England Patriots on Sunday at 1 p.m. in Phoenix Stadium. Arizona will come into the win after an emotional win last week against the Seattle Seahawks. The game came down to the final play when rookie Seahawk QB Russell Wilson passed a ball that was well defended and knocked away from Braylon Edwards of Seattle.

Arizona and Seattle to Start Season with New QBs

Arizona will face the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday to open the 2012 NFL season. The game could quite easily be one of the worst matchups in week one as both teams struggled last season. The Seahawks did make the playoffs, but with the worst record in the history of the NFL playoffs. Both teams will be very different this season and will be starting new starting QBs. Ironically enough both QBs starting were originally in backup roles to QBs that  got paid good money in trades after little success in the NFL.


Arizona will start quarterback Skelton instead of Kevin Kolb who they acquired from Philadelphia after he had some success in a couple of starts with the Eagles. Since starting with Arizona he has not had as much success and ultimately was overtaken by Skelton who will start a new-look offense. He, along with the addition of rookie WR Malcolm Floyd should be able to make some strides down the stretch with help from veteran Larry Fitzgerald. This certainly will not come early though and will need help from a running situation that is very much up from grabs in Arizona.