April 2012

Suns Lose in Nash's Probable Last Game

The Suns fell to the Spurs in their home finale on Wednesday. The final was 110-106 and many were there to watch Steve Nash who may be playing in his last game for the Suns at home. The Suns have been up and down all season and been unpredictable in games throughout the year. The team has had issues with consistency, which is the main reason they were unable to secure one of the final playoff spots. Overall they are an even 33-33 on the season while their home record drops to 19-14.


Brown led the Suns in scoring with 21. Gortat finished the game with 10 rebounds as well while Nash contributed with 7 assists. The Suns got out to an early lead in the first as they outscored the Spurs 29-26. The Spurs then came back to take the second quarter 32-24 however. The Suns then tied the game up at the end of the third before being outscored 28-24 in the fourth, which resulted in the 4-point loss.

Suns Keep Playoff Hopes Alive with Win Against Clippers

The Suns won 93-90 against the Clippers on Thursday in Phoenix. The team keeps their playoff hopes alive with the win as they continue their way through a rollercoaster of a year. One thing that has certainly been lacking from the Suns is consistency as on any given night one can not say who will win a game the Suns are playing in. The Suns also hurt the Clippers chances of winning their division as they have been trying to catch the Lakers who have led since shortly after the All-Star break. The Suns still need to win and get help to make the big dance this year.


Dudley led the Suns from the field with 18 points. Gortat grabbed 14 rebounds while Nash contributed to the win by getting 6 assists. The Suns were able to have luck from the field and scored over 20 points in each quarter. In the first they scored 27, which was the most scored by the team all day. The Suns have their work cut out for them if they plan to make the playoffs as they still face tough competition to close out the year. Time will tell what kind of a team they are and if they have enough to make it.

Suns Fall to Grizzlies as Hope for Playoffs Diminishes

The Suns fell flat against the Grizzlies on Wednesday in Memphis. The team has slimmed already slim chances at grabbing a final playoff spot. The Final in Wednesday’s game was 104-93 in favor of the Grizzlies who appear poised for the playoffs. The Suns are now 30-28 overall this year while falling to 13-17 in away games. On Wednesday they were outscored in each quarter of the contest and never seemed to have enough to get the job done.


Gortat led the Suns in scoring with 19. Morris tried to contribute by adding 6 rebounds while Nash contributed 10 assists in the loss. The team did score well in the first half as they put up more than 25 in each the first and second quarter to combine for 53 points scored in the first half. In the second, however, they scored just 40 and seem defeated coming out of the locker room following the first half. The Suns still have a shot at the playoffs with some time left on the year, but can not afford too many more losses if they hope to do so.


Gay led all scorers in the game, and the Grizzlies, with 32 points. Randolph added 9 rebounds to assist the team to victory while Conley had 7 dishes to lead the team. The Grizzlies are now 34-23 on the season while improving their home record to 21-7. The team has been under the radar all season and could really look to surprise some people this year. They have young talent and good offense while playing extremely well at home. It will be interesting to see what they can do in the playoffs and hopefully the Suns will be there with them.

Suns Sting Hapless Hornets

The Suns beat up on the Hornets on Sunday as they cruised to a 92-75 victory. The team was at home and improved their home record to an even 16-11 this season. They are now an even 26-26 this season. The team showed no signs of losing and was able to beat the Hornets in each quarter. They are an aging team led by veteran Steve Nash who can still ball with the best of them and continues to show why he should be considered one of the NBA’s best point guards.

Dudley led the Suns with 21 points in the contest. Frye had 11 rebounds to contribute to the win while the veteran Steve Nash had 14 huge assists. The team outscored the Hornets in each quarter but the fourth when both teams scored 17. They scored nearly 25 points in each quarter too minus the 17-point fourth. This included 26 in the first, 24 in the second, and 25 in the third.